Goodby my 50 years of junk

It is official, our house is now junk free! I guess I really mean the only junk that resides here is ours!
I am not sure if I mentioned this previously, but LML and I purchased the family home. We love it because there is history in it.
On the flip side, it can be a headache since we have to deal with things you do not normally. We had to clean a house out that two generations had contributed to and no one had cleaned in the ensuing years. Do not get me started on the junk in the closets ( in our case, the furniture was distributed, but the closets, cabinets, etc were still junkified) and the inch thick of makeup powder in one cabinet.
Once we got the inside up to par, we neglected two outdoor closets. We were just overwhelmed and tired at that point, so two nonessential areas did not make the list.
Fast forward two years, LML tackled our pool closet back during my illnesses.
Today, we cleaned out the utility closet. Two loads of trash later, we now have a closer we can use! I am so excited to move the extra paint out there tomorrow! This will free up our hall coat closet, which I have missed.

Do you have any long ignored organizing/cleaning projects?

- I should blame it on the iphone, but this girl cannot spell so please excuse any misspelled words

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