Spent the weekend working in the yard prepping for the two parties coming up. My azaleas and red buds are in bloom.


Sunday funday

Since I needed to run a few errands in Birmingham, I figured I would make a day out of it.
I met my friend H from college up for brunch at Chez Lulu's. Their delicious chocolate hazelnut crepe and stoneground grits really hit the spot. Per usual I got a chocolate croissant to go.
I then met my sister to look at a few stores since I need tea cups for an upcoming party I am hosting. We foud some cute stuff in Homewood's Edgewood neighborhood. We also saw several cute things that were added to our Wish Lists.
After dropping my sister off, I went to Old Time Pottery, a store I always swore I would not visit. The vow was broken since they have glass cocktail plates for a reasonable price. Should you need to host a party for 50 people ever, hit me up because I am the proud owner of 60 glass cocktail plates.
I also stopped by Costco for some groceries.



That was the theme of my weekend.
I spent it running errands, catching up on the past week with LML and doing a few things around the house.
LML makes fun of my lack of organisation in our closet. I tend to toss things in a "spot" without much thought. I am embarrassed and will not show you the top of my closet. Proudly, I did check my purse area this weekend. I found that a majority of my purses had not been completely emptied when I switched them out. I found markers, pens, receipts, the infamous loose bobby pins, travel brochures and plenty of change. Thankfully, my purses are now empty, missing lip gloss has been located, and the purses are now all rightfully organised.
Next step, work on top of closet.


Baby Shower, part one

I am hosting a baby shower at my house with two other ladies in April for one of my closest friends. This is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.
Exciting because my friend has asked me to be one of the godparents (my first godchild).
Nerve wracking due to my trip that week before that ended up being extended. I now return to town exactly 24 hours prior to the shower. And during that time I need to bake a cake on top of everything else.
Anyways, included is the pic of the sample we picked for the invite. I promise that my info is not on that card. I hope the info was not real.

I will update you more on the shower as the date nears.

Blame pinterest

I do! Because of pinterest, I have sorely neglected this blog. Working on finding a balance between blogging and pinterest.

Have learned a few good things from pinterest:
1. Have some awesome recipes to link in the future
2. I found an awesome craft to make for an upcoming baby shower (many future posts)
3. Found my purse from Christmas on there...I love it and it's already been over two months

Many more but it is 1 am so I will stop the list. Promise to be more faithful.


iPhone dump

Bad blogger (slapping my own hand)!
Here is the iPhone version of what I have been up to since forever ago!

My dog woke up with a bad hair day and I could not resist a quick picture.

Lots of Bama football games. Hoping for a rematch against LSU. Will find out tomorrow

Trip to DC for LML's work and I tagged along. I had a great time and got to see good friends!

LML hit a deer and this is the duct tape repair job to get him to the body shop that Monday morning. Everything is fixed now and he installed a deer whistle on the car. Hopefully that means no more deer hitting the car!

Cooking dinner for 16 people and dealing with a breaker issue was not fun. It was eventually resolved and we were only 1 hour behind schedule. The only casualty was a minor busted lip for me.

This word of the day on my dictionary app made my day. I still crack up at it!

Saw Bama defeat VCU thanks to my parents not using their tickets. Unfortunately they lost to Georgetown on Thursday....

My early Christmas gift from LML. I adore it and have wanted a Basil Ede print for a while!


Great find

While cleaning out the closet this weekend, I did discover a quaint tea set! It is just so precious and I hope one day to share it with my daughter!

- I should blame it on the iphone, but this girl cannot spell so please excuse any misspelled words