Oh La La!

I love shoes!  I really like the wedge style that is back in this spring.  I bought myself a pair of red wedges when I was in Atlanta.  Here are some eye candy that I found lately!

The first pair is a gorgeous nude shoe that would go with most of my wardrobe!
Franco Sarto - $89 here

I also love this pair for the details and the color contrast.
Michael Kors - $110 here
While I am not a fan of ankle straps since it tends to cut off your legs.  This not due to being shorts, but I like to think my legs are one of my better features.  I like to highlight and make the most of my best features, and ankle straps do not do this.  
BUT I really like this shoe and if I had the budget, I would definitely be ordering them.
Charles David - $72.90 here
Happy Spring!

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