Sunday funday

Since I needed to run a few errands in Birmingham, I figured I would make a day out of it.
I met my friend H from college up for brunch at Chez Lulu's. Their delicious chocolate hazelnut crepe and stoneground grits really hit the spot. Per usual I got a chocolate croissant to go.
I then met my sister to look at a few stores since I need tea cups for an upcoming party I am hosting. We foud some cute stuff in Homewood's Edgewood neighborhood. We also saw several cute things that were added to our Wish Lists.
After dropping my sister off, I went to Old Time Pottery, a store I always swore I would not visit. The vow was broken since they have glass cocktail plates for a reasonable price. Should you need to host a party for 50 people ever, hit me up because I am the proud owner of 60 glass cocktail plates.
I also stopped by Costco for some groceries.

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