Brunch in Atlanta

Before we headed back towards Bama on Sunday, my SIL, MIL and my self hit up Urban Pl8.  This place exceeded expectations (and not to mention showed me where all the fabric stores are located in Atlanta).  I highly recommend this place for you to try if you are in Atlanta, especially if you or someone in your party is on a gluten free diet.

It does not hurt that they have bottomless mimosas for $12.

My SIL and I both ordered delicious grilled chicken pesto omelette with goat cheese and roasted red pepper.  It was so delicious and was devoured quickly!  The sweet potato hash was good also!

My MIL ordered their Greek chicken omelette, but I failed to take a picture of it.

The kicker was the waitress brought the bill and we noticed we ate for $22 plus tip.  We asked the waitress about the price because we did not believe that could be correct.  She informed us that she applied this discount for scoutmob.

After I googled scoutmob, I discovered it was a discount app for iphone currently only located in select cities.  If you live in Atlanta or any of their other cities, I highly recommend checking it out!  (They have email for those not with tech savy phones!)

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