Brain Dump

I finally finished up my posts about my weekend in Atlanta and here goes a brain dump on stuff that I have been wanting to share:

1. SIL - Since you never read emails, I figured you would check this out eventually.  Here are two things you need to think about:
A. More Aesthetically Pleasing Color for you Wax Seal - Here are a few links:
A true gold color
A Silver Color

A Pretty Red swirled with gold
Just Sayin' All three would be nice options!

B. Lululemom - The athletic wear I was telling you about in Atlanta.  Check it out!
2. Spring is in the air...I am so excited because LML is supposed to buy my two new Hydrangea plants to replace the ones he killed last year! Nico Blue, please....

Granted mine will be babies and not this majestic for a few years (Source)
3. Besides being excited about my new plant, LML and I are switching phone carriers pronto!  Verizon works great in the rural area of Alabama near LML's job!  I am excited and cannot wait to have better reception.  I should also add that we decided (i.e. I told him) to go ahead and get me an iphone.  I am so tired of no internet at home so this solves it!  Wahoo!
Do you have any app recommends?  I have a few on my ipod but not too up on them since I just got Angry Birds this month.

4.  Speaking of Angry Birds...Can we say addictive?  I am so obessed with that game!

5. My birthday is in April and I am so excited!  I know that my 26th birthday is nothing too special, but birthdays always make me excited.  I hope to have dinner at the Bright Star with a few friends and family!  I love that place! (if you do not know, it is the oldest restaurant in Alabama and Greek style food...so delic!)

6. My good friend J's little girl is celebrating her 1st birthday in April too! I am going to take some photos for her just like I did last year right after she was born.  I will ask J if I can post a few pictures from last year to show you how precious the little one is!

7. Have a great weekend...This weekend is a low-key one for us.  Just hanging out around the house and going to look at cars to replace LML's old one finally.

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