Organizing the Home

Organization has been a theme around my house lately.  I took time recently to start organizing my closets.
I started with the two biggest messes which were my sewing closet (another post coming soon) and my gift/Christmas/linen closet.

Source: Meijer
When I was doing my annual Day after Christmas shopping, I found a few wonderful things here in town.  Unfortunately for me, I was unable to find any extra strands of C9 Multi-color lights.  Come Monday, I turned to my trusty friend the internet and looked for some online.  I scored a great deal at Meijer.com.

If you know me, you know that I am one always looking for a deal, so I found a few other things on there to include in my order.  The gift wrapping center pictured above is one of those items.

When this baby arrived at my door this week, I could not wait to set it up!  It took me a few minutes, but I LOVE it already.  I have organized my rolls of wrapping paper in one location.  In addition, I now have my gift tags, gift bags, ribbon and tape all organized in the front of this perfect organizer.  (Granted I have my duplicates stored in another container until I need them!)

I am so excited that I now have my stuff all visible, which should lead to me using everything up before purchasing any new supplies.

How do you organize your gift wrapping supplies?

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  1. I plan on having a gift/wrapping closet when we have our own place in a few months. Of course I will have to slowly add to it as I don't really have much now! That organizer is really going to help you!

  2. I would love the link to your Tastebook page, I love new recipes and I really want to start cooking this year! Thanks friend, you're the best!! learningtobeawife@gmail.com

  3. All I want in life is a gift wrapping/paper room. Like an entire room dedicated to the cuase. I like to make my own stationary/cards, etc but it is such a pain to pull the supplies out...all of my paper stuff is stored in an armoire, which is not convenient!