'Tis the Season of Blessings

I thought the first day of December is the perfect day to recount all my blessings.

I am blessed that:
1. That the LML takes great care of me, especially while recovering from my surgery.
2. My grandmother is alive and well. I enjoy every second I get to spend with her, because there is no telling how long she will be here (no she is not dying...I just do not want to take her for granted)
3. My parents provided me with all of my needs so that I was able to start my married life out on the right foot (debt free)
4. My friends, many of whom took time out of their busy thanksgiving to check on me
5. My pets - I do not know what I would do without my crazy pets.  They are always making me smile and laugh at their crazy antics.
6. My health - I am lucky that I have had a good recovery from my minor surgery and no other major health issues.
7. The roof over my head - LML and I are lucky that we reside in a nice house with plenty of space for us.
8. My Church - I am lucky that I have found a church where I feel at home
9. Everything else I am forgetting

What makes you feel paticularly blessed?

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  1. Lovely list :) Nice to see someone not taking anything for granted!