Things that make me go drool

I drool over food and recently the following links have led to me drooling more frequently. (Click on the link under the caption for the original blog post)
Source: Bakerella
I mean that Chocolate oozing out from underneath the pecans looks too good to not try.  This recipe is definitely on my list to cook soon.

Source: Tasty Kitchen
I have had scalloped potatoes, but I have never had scalloped sweet potatoes.  I really would love a big heaping plateful right now.

Source: Tartelette

My brother-in-law lives a gluten-free lifestyle.   I am always looking for new recipes that are not too complicated to make when we have him over for dinner.  Just looking at this picture makes me want to make this with or without my brother-in-law.

Feel free to share any of you drool worthy links that you have found.

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