iPhone dump

Bad blogger (slapping my own hand)!
Here is the iPhone version of what I have been up to since forever ago!

My dog woke up with a bad hair day and I could not resist a quick picture.

Lots of Bama football games. Hoping for a rematch against LSU. Will find out tomorrow

Trip to DC for LML's work and I tagged along. I had a great time and got to see good friends!

LML hit a deer and this is the duct tape repair job to get him to the body shop that Monday morning. Everything is fixed now and he installed a deer whistle on the car. Hopefully that means no more deer hitting the car!

Cooking dinner for 16 people and dealing with a breaker issue was not fun. It was eventually resolved and we were only 1 hour behind schedule. The only casualty was a minor busted lip for me.

This word of the day on my dictionary app made my day. I still crack up at it!

Saw Bama defeat VCU thanks to my parents not using their tickets. Unfortunately they lost to Georgetown on Thursday....

My early Christmas gift from LML. I adore it and have wanted a Basil Ede print for a while!

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